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We cuurently carry the Outdoor grade flexible absorber cum barrier that are reinforced for harsher environment. The EXT-R-1" Noise Curtain are manufacturered in USA, and has a STC rating of 27 and NRC rating of 0.7


For increased performance, we have the following models that can to be imported from USA.Picture 2574b


EXT-R-2" offers a STC rating of 32, and NRC rating of 0.75

EXT-R-2LB-2" offers a STC rating of 38, and NRC rating of 0.75


  • Reduce outdoor construction and/or community noise
  • High actual noise reduction up to 12dB(A)
  • Economical alternative to rigid acoustical panel systems
  • Easily installed, relocated, or modified

Flexible configurations to suit your needs for easy set-up, easy maneuverability.

  • Custom engineered systems for any application
  • Durable and washable
  • A variety of colors
  • Designs blend with landscape

EXT Sound Curtains help you get the job done without hassle and on time.

  • Comply with city noise codes
  • Avoid litigation from neighbors
  • End costly delays and work stoppages due to noise
  • Expedite options ship in one week or less!

Exterior Sound Curtains Provide 2-Way Protection!

  1. Blocks construction noise so project site is neighborhood friendly.
  2. Absorbs sound so it does not bounce back noise to job site like concrete barriers or plywood.